Stoked Backpackers
South Africa

"... easy to move bookings using the drag and drop, easy to run payment reports, and it's even easy to edit bookings."

Looking for a great backpackers hostel in Muizenberg? You’ve come to the right place! Stoked Backpackers is a youth hostel with brand spanking new amenities. It is literally a stone’s throw away from Surfers’ Corner in Muizenberg, Cape Town. This popular swimming beach is a hot spot for surfers and a blue flag beach, which means it gets top marks for safety, cleanliness and amenities. Stoked Backpackers’ spacious rooms – all en-suite! – offer a variety of shared dorm accommodation, as well as some private family/friends rooms.

With Clock PMS, we’ve found the ease of hotel management

Q: What type of software were you using to manage your property?

A: A hostel management online solution.

Q: What made you look for a new hotel management system? What problems were you trying to solve? What results did you want to achieve?

A: We have a sister establishment that started using Clock PMS and it only made sense for us to us so that it will be easy to access each other's accounts.

Q: Why did you choose Clock PMS?

A: We started using Clock PMS to unify our property management systems.

Q: What has changed for you/your business since you started using Clock PMS?

A: It's now easy to run payment reports between any given period.

Q: Is there something you want us to improve?

A: Yes, we are unable to send one invoice if it is a big group booking. Since we only know how to issue out invoices for individual guest.

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