Small Wonders,

"The usability of the system throughout the company from the sales team to the accountant and the front desk to the cleaners saved us a lot of time."

Small Wonders are specialists in offering extra special ski holidays and extraordinary guest services.

Their core philosophy is that nothing is too much trouble when it comes to customer care. Their genuine spirit of hospitality drove them to the need for a new hotel software and in Clock PMS they recognised the solution for all their issues.

More about our succesful partnership shares Richard Timmerman, Director of Sales.

Up in the French Alps, beautiful chalets save time and manage online distribution with Clock PMS

Q: Please tell us a few words about yourself and your property

RT: Small Wonders offers since 2010 small sized exclusive chalets and hotels in France with up to 25 beds. Top quality service provided in a warm atmosphere, tasty organic food and natural wines, a genuine spirit of hospitality and our own uniquely designed locations are the cornerstones of our company. We work with a young and dynamic team who all have very wide task so keeping up to date about our clients throughout the day and on several devices is essential.

Q: What type of software were you previously using to manage your property?

RT: When we started in 2010 with 2 location we tried to keep up to date through a spreadsheet but quickly moved to a first cloud based but simple hotel software system (reservationkey). With the fast growth in locations and staff, several marketing channels to keep up to date and a website with a decent booking tool we decided in 2015 to start working with Clock PMS which has supplied all these different needs in one go.

Q: What was the major challenge that you wanted to solve with the adoption of a (new) hotel software?

RT: The major challenge was to find a hotel software that would have a decent, good looking and easy to use Web Booking Engine with a back entrance for clients to add info, secure their booking. Second was a system with an integrated channel manager to keep our inventory up to date throughout our different OTA’s quickly and easily.

Q: How did Clock PMS provide the solution for your challenge?

RT: We now have an easy to use online booking engine integrated in our websites so that guests can book and pay their stay, all served in several languages. Our product/inclusions change with the seasons and Clock PMS has no problem of displaying this in the correct way throughout the year. As for the Integrated Channel Manager, we can now present different prices on our own website and the different OTA’s and still have one system to update, which has increased our productivity and profit.

Q: What else has changed in your property management since Clock PMS has been deployed?

RT: Staff at the locations is a lot more involved and up to date with what is going on, which on its turn has improved the customer satisfaction. We use Clock as a real communication system within the company so everything is noted even for returning visits of clients. Second improvement is communication with clients through Clock using the booking confirmation, self service portal, automated e-mails, etc. which give a very professional impression and save the sales team a lot of time.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Clock PMS and/or Clock POS?

RT: Clock is a system easy to setup and use with extended options to add if needed (and only then you pay for them). It works great on any device and helps anybody involved in using it, thus saving time and improving customer satisfaction. The team behind can be reached at any time of the day and are open to ideas you might have for improving the system. Updates are regularly executed and contribute to improving further the system and its usability.

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