‘t Shanda Lee Hotel
the Netherlands

"The customer support is really superb and fast. The channel manager works great, especially in combination with the rates settings. It's easy to create dependable rates so you don't have to spend an entire day editing each rate separately all the time."

‘t Shanda Lee is the ideal choice for your overnight stay or any longer night events. Are you in Lochem for work? We’d be happy to offer you a stay in the city centre of Lochem! What do you think about our two bedroom apartment for example? It has its own kitchen and washing machine, and a private living room to relax after work. It takes 20 minutes to drive to Zutphen, 25 minutes to drive to Deventer, and Apeldoorn, National park Hoge Veluwe and the Apelheul Zoo are all a 35-minute drive. You can get to the A1 highway in 14 minutes. Lochem itself is ideal for hiking and cycling. Whatever you want to do – it’s all possible to do it from Lochem.

The customer support of Clock PMS is really superb and fast

Q: What type of software were you using to manage your property?

A: iCloud software

Q: What made you look for a new hotel management system? What problems were you trying to solve? What results did you want to achieve?

A: The need for a channel manager. This is not the only job I have, and keeping the calendar updated, along with keeping all of the channel calendars up-to-date, was almost impossible, so we had a high risk of overbookings. Clock also generates our receipts which is great since I'm not on site every day to make them myself.

Q: Why did you choose Clock PMS?

A: Integrated channel manager, automatic receipts, web reservation system, also has a POS for our restaurant.

Q: What has changed for you/your business since you started using Clock PMS?

A: We can easily add a property across multiple channels since Clock PMS has a channel manager and makes sure all the calendars are up-to-date. All of the employees can find the information they need from the home screen (cleaners, breakfast shift, etc), more bookings on our own website.

Q: Is there something you want us to improve?

A: I wish there was a way to set up a reservation request in the system that would hold the rooms so no other guests can book them until we receive a reply whether or not the interested guest wants to rent our rooms or not.

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