LYX Suites,

"Ease of access, quick help from support and cool interface to see and manage multiple properties on one dashboard."

Either for vacations or for work, just for a night or for a couples of months, LYX Suites is the place to stay when being in Miami or Boston. Located in the finests buildings, their luxury furnished apartments offer all the amenities modern travellers need.

With its user-friendly interface, Clock PMS eases the management of multiple properties

Q: What made you look for a new hotel management system? What problems were you trying to solve? What results did you want to achieve?

A: Since we manage several properties in different locations, we needed software where we will be able to see and manage these properties on one dashboard. We also needed an interface that is user-friendly. We had a lot of difficulty in the past where the software required a lot of command in order to execute such a simple task.

Q: Why did you choose Clock PMS?

A: Most of all, it is user-friendly.

Q: What has changed for you/your business since you started using Clock PMS?

A: Ease of access where employees are able to easily understand and use the software.

Q: Is there something you want us to improve?

A: Well, there is always what to be improved. But the more important thing is that the Clock Software developers listen to the user feedback before planning the next improvements.

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