Inn at Lathones
East of Fife, Scotland

"[Clock PMS] has all the features you would want in a system ... cloud based and just what you need in this day and age. All of the features combined have boosted our room revenue since the very first month we started."

Inn at Lathones Nestled in East of Fife in the Scottish countryside on a few minutes drive south of St Andrews, The Inn at Lathones is an excellent three star rated Inn offering 21 high quality contemporary bedrooms, including two suites and 6 luxury bedrooms. Once a coaching Inn, The Inn at Lathones continues its 4-century-old hospitality traditions and now extends the same warm Scottish welcome to golfers visiting the Home of Golf as it does to those seeking a short break or quality accommodation for business purposes.

A historic coaching inn in Fife meets the future of PMS technology and boosts revenue with Clock PMS

Q: What type of software were you using to manage your property?

G.J.: We wanted to find the optimal system right from the start in order to continue using the same, reliable system in the future, too. In the beginning, we informed ourselves a lot about possible vendors and types of software to find the right one for us. This is the reason why we have decided to put our trust in Clock PMS to open our Boardinghouse as it addresses all of our needs.

Q: What was the major challenge that you wanted to solve with the adoption of a (new) hotel software?

G.J.: The biggest challenge we faced was finding a new software, capable of offering our visitors optimal service without a reception. There are many new types of software available, which allow guests to check in easily without a reception.

Q: How did Clock PMS provide the solution for your challenge?

G.J.: The kiosk system of Clock provides a user-friendly check-in and check-out without a reception. In addition, it functions independently of the location through the Cloud PMS and our employees can manage everything from our office without having to be on site. This will allow our visitors a 24-hour check-in.

What else has changed in your property management since Clock PMS has been deployed?

G.J.: With the Clock PMS system, we are now able to preplan for upcoming events. Additionally, we can inform visitors of updates before check-in.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Clock PMS and/or Clock POS?

G.J.: At this point, we would like to thank the great team behind Clock Software! For all of our questions, we were directly helped and actively supported! All of our service problems and questions were quickly solved.

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