Hijo Resorts Davao
The Philippines

"... researched and found that Clock would be the best fit for our property. It has everything we need without the excess bloat. Lightweight, compatible, mobile. It can run on any device (no matter the age of the device) which is extremely useful, as our property sprawls over several hectares. It even allows us to check and edit while mobile!"

Hijo Resorts Davao. Discover the hidden beach treasure at the heart of Hijo banana plantation. Experience eco-tourism like no other. Hijo Resorts Davao is the only eco-agri destination in the Philippines, nestled right in the heart of Davao Gulf. The Resorts boast sandy beaches, wild forests that we protect ourselves and a sprawling Banana and Fruit plantation.

As operations are expanding, using a pen and paper is no longer an option

Q: What type of software were you previously using to manage your property?

A: No software! We survived on pen and paper management for a few years.

Q: What was the major challenge that you wanted to solve with the adoption of a (new) hotel software?

A: As operations expanded, using a pen-and-paper-based system (while affordable) was getting too slow, prone to errors and could not serve our needs.

Q: How did Clock PMS+ provide the solution for your challenge?

A: Our management partner, Enderun Hospitality Management, researched and found that Clock would be the best fit for our property, as it was lightweight and easy for our staff to learn, and it is!

Q: What else has changed in your property management since Clock PMS+ has been deployed?

A: Clock has streamlined our processes and workflows; not to mention finally having a Property Management System that integrated the different departments. Also, it finally let us integrate our reservations systems and allow us a vastly expanded market through online bookings.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Clock PMS+ and/or Clock POS?

A: An improved UI and switching between cross-function menus.

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