This method does have its benefits. But it is not guaranteed to bring you success. There is a possibility that your ads might be spammed because they are almost everywhere: websites, emails, forums, blog posts, etc. That might have long term consequences and affect the business at a later stage.

The disadvantages and risks associated with the method mentioned above are more than the benefits. This is the reason why hotels prefer the smart method now: use of marketing techniques and tools which employ limited resources, but produce more effective results. This is where Geo Targeting comes in.

What is Geo Targeting?

Geo Targeting is an SEO method where a specific region is targeted and the search results are displayed only in that area or for area specific searches. This way, your B&B listing will be displayed to the people from that particular area.

Also, if you geo-target your listing, it will be given a higher priority when a person performs area specific searches, compared to non geo-targeted listing. This will make your result more relevant, to the person who is searching, than other listings which are not targeted in that area.

Convenience and Relevance is the Key

An advantage of geo-targeting is that the listings for that particular demographic will be given precedence over the other listings. So, if a person is in the area where your hotel is located and conducts a search for a general term like ‘B&B’, the search engine algorithm will give your listing the precedence over a non geo-targeted listing and will be display it first.

The relevance is also another important advantage of geo-targeting. If a person is performing the search for a local hotel, they tend to use only the word 'B&B' without the word 'local' or the area name. But if a person wants to look at B&Bs or inns in a particular area, then the appropriate city or locality name will be used with the hotel name. Geo targeting will help your listing gain precedence over others in both these types of searches. So, the results will be relevant to the person who searched for it and there is a better chance of the link getting a hit.

It Will Get You the Required Attention

If you have targeted a particular demographic and properly carried out the SEO drill, you listing will appear in the first page of the results. Experienced SEO analysts can make your listing appear first when a particular term is searched for. However, this is a tricky business and involves a lot of analysis.

How to Succeed in Geo Targeted Email Marketing

If you have one of the latest email database management software, the tool will automatically classify the emails on the basis of city, state or province. You can check the registration details of the patrons of your hotel and narrow down a few places from where the majority of your customers come from. Those places should be the top priority. Also identify other places with potential customers and include them in your target list.

For customers who will be coming from far off places, you can offer some bonuses like free travel arrangements from and to the airport, a complimentary meal on the day of arrival, etc. In case of local customers who will be visiting your restaurant, you can make other relevant offers like gas credits, complimentary parking tickets, frequent visitor bonuses, etc. Offer an extra discount if the customer comes in with a printed copy of the email. The whole point here is to make them feel that they are privileged customers, whether they stay at your hotel or just have a meal there.

Tools for Geo Targeting

To assist you in easy geo-targeting, software developers have come up with programs which can make your job easy. The software helps you in performing specific tasks, ensuring that all the measures are in place to target the demographic of your choice.