hotel site

When you first design your website, you may feel confused and uncertain about what you should do to meet the requirements and expectations of your customers. This is only natural and should not worry you. In time your confidence will grow together with your experience and things will get far easier.

The main question to answer is what potential guests are looking for on the website of your hotel. It is done best when you put yourself in their shoes.

Imagine you are a client and looking for a hotel. Think about what you would want to know and find on a site. This will help you realise what the needs of your customers are and creating a good website that attracts potential guests to your hotel will be much easier.

Start with a plan. The information on your website must be well arranged. There is nothing like an attractive and tidy website to create a good impression. You are looking for easy navigation and smooth transition between menus and pages.

Your website should tell your future clients why your hotel is their best choice. Give full description of the hotel: when it opened, years in business, all the unique qualities and details that set it apart from the competition.

Keep it short, but informative. Try to tell your visitors why they should choose you. This is what they are looking for. Present the advantages that will impress them. Customers do not like wasting time in search of a hotel, so tell them that your hotel is their best choice. Simply put everything you think they should know.

The home page determines if potential customers will be interested in your hotel or not. Beside its attractive design, it should provide some general information about the hotel. If it catches their attention, they will look further into your site.

They will want to find out about the services your hotel offers. They will want to know about a swimming pool, restaurant, lobby bar, spa, car park, gym, etc. All this is important information that you should publish on the site.

Images are crucial. They are one of the main things potential guests look at. If they see an intriguing ad of your hotel, they will visit the site to see how it actually looks.

Make sure that your gallery contains enough photos of every area of the hotel, including photos of rooms, restaurants, gardens, pools, lobby and so on. This will give a clear idea of the facilities and the atmosphere, which are decisive for the choice of accommodation.

If visitors like your establishment, they will want to book a room. They will try to check your availability and book online. A lot of people today would rather book online than call on the phone.

When potential customers visit the hotel website, they also expect to find out about any promotions and offers. It is a good idea to publish your current promotions for holidays or weekends, together with a clear and accurate description of the offer and what the price includes.

Your website must always provide contact information and an inquiry form. Try to answer any inquiries promptly. This demonstrates good service and visitors will feel that special attention has been paid to them.

Last, but not least, potential clients will want to know about the prices of your hotel, and will try to find them on the website. They will be interested in the prices of a single and a double room or an apartment. They will want to know how much an extra bed is. They will also want to know what room price includes and if extra services or meals are paid extra (Internet, parking, breakfast, etc.)

We hope this has been useful and helps you develop your business and attract happy customers and regular guests!