Today, the 21st of April, Google launches an update that will affect the world of Internet search in more ways than one. People call it Mobilegeddon because it will affect mainly the mobile search results and site rankings.

Briefly, the mobile search update will check whether your website is mobile-friendly and this will affect its rankings and its appearance in mobile SERP as well. Sites that comply with the requirements will receive higher rankings and a "mobile-friendly" tag in the result pages. The label indicates that the website has a mobile version or is with responsive design that makes it easy to view and navigate on smaller screens and devices.

Why hoteliers should care?

Above anything else, because the world is moving fast towards a mobile-first Internet and Google's update is only a response to that situation. Different studies unveil a constant rise of mobile travel bookings and a stable shift from desktop to mobile in travel purchasing patterns. This alone is a very good reason to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Another research conducted by Odysys adds to the conversation with the following discovery:

"42% of leisure travelers downloaded a travel app because the brand mobile site was not satisfactory." - Odysys

An honest statement here: Google has more control over websites than over mobile apps, this including SEO, paid search and other activities that are gaining revenue for the company. And the end of 2014 came with the finding that Google were losing share on mobile ads market. Enough said. Officially, Google's position is that they always have the user experience as top priority and everything they do is to improve that experience.

How Clock PMS helps you stay tuned to the new mobile requirements?

Hopefully, you have already contacted your web designer about the mobile optimisation of your website. And if you haven't, don't wait. Google officials have said that this mobile update will be the most impactful, leaving behind major previous updates like Panda and Penguin. And if your website is ready for the Mobilegeddon (you can check this here), you still might wonder if your web reservation system won't fail you. Here is how the online booking engine in Clock PMS can only support you in staying mobile-friendly according to Google's new algorithm.

Clock PMS's mobile-friendly web booking engine on a mobile phone
  • Quick booking process. The web booking engine in Clock PMS has a clear and straightforward booking process that minimises booking abandonment. Even when you introduce special offers, the custom deep links help you display an availability calendar that shows only what is bookable for that particular offer. With this, the user experience on your website or at least the web booking engine is top notch.
  • Responsive design. The web reservation system in Clock PMS is absolutely responsive and fits any screen your guests might use to book a room. Even if they change devices throughout the booking process, the same familiar interface will meet them and ensure a consistent experience. What is more, it is designed in such a way that it generates a minimum traffic and can load quickly and successfully no matter the type of connection the customer uses.
  • Smooth navigation. Clock PMS is fully designed to be user-friendly, both for the hotel staff and for the end consumer. Clear screens and large buttons are exactly what makes your web booking engine compatible with the mobile-friendly concept.
  • Informative presentation. Clock PMS gives you everything you need to convince your website's visitor in the advantages of your rooms and amenities. High resolution images (do not forget to resize them properly) and rich text descriptions are right in front of your bookers' eyes along with attractive display names of your rates. It is always better to book a "Comfort room for two" than the "DBL standard", isn't it?

In conclusion, if your website has passed the Google mobile-friendly test and you have integrated the Clock PMS web reservation system in it, there is nothing to worry about. The continuous rise of mobile hotel bookings has all reasons to cherish your business as much as your competitors'. If this is the case, happy Mobilegeddon day to you!