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Nick is our Integration Manager. He’s truly dedicated to the mission of making sure Clock PMS Suite has integrations with some of the best apps out there. He was kind enough to share with us more about himself, his work and what makes integrations so important.

Hello, Nick! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I am Nick, an ex-basketball player, who is passionate about technologies, loves to travel and enjoys life with all of its challenges 🙂

How long are you in the company?

I am with the company for more than a dozen years already. Long enough to see how the industry has changed and how globalisation and fast IT development have impacted it in an outstanding way.

What is your role at Clock Software?

I am in charge of the integration team and my main priority is to add value to Clock PMS Suite and Clock POS by integrating them with software partners. This way, we not only make the life of our customers easier but also help them maximise their revenue and have happier and repeat guests.

What is your typical day at Clock Software?

I can't say they all look alike. Each one brings different surprises and challenges. Still, most of my day I communicate with partners, coordinate team tasks and improve the roadmap of the undergoing and upcoming projects.

What's the most challenging part of your job?

Finding the exact "recipe" for each integration is always a challenge. To sieve and automate what is really important and crucial for our customers without going too far is not an easy task. But what really pushes me forward is to see how satisfied our customers are with the final result.

How integration software and open APIs are affecting the hospitality industry?

I expect hotel technology solutions to be even further integrated in the future. Users love seeing their preferred solutions integrated and that won't change. Thanks to modern technologies such as cloud-based solutions with open API, the sky is the limit for the future of integrations. The industry is focusing on the ultimate guest experience and the already available tools today allow guests to have a great stay at the hotel without even relying on traditional communication with the hotel staff. Instead, they use advanced guest iteration and self-service technologies. This doesn't compromise the level of service. On the contrary, it is the natural reaction of the hospitality industry to the all-connected world we all live in.

Can an entirely integrations-built PMS survive?

Integrations are very important, however, that is not the whole story. They don't make the PMS, they complete it. Regardless of the number of integrations, a PMS will not survive if it doesn't have flexible and reliable core PMS functionalities matching the customers' needs.

Can we say that integrations are among the key priorities of Clock Software?

Definitely! As I have already mentioned the role of integrations are not only to make the life of users easier but to optimise the workload and operations as a whole. Thanks to the integrations hotel staff can now focus on what is really important: managing the property and taking care for the guests instead of wasting precious time and resources on updating availability and prices across all selling channels with each room sold. There are much better and wiser ways to spend all this time: greet and smile to the next customer. It also goes without saying that staff can never complete tasks faster than a machine and it doesn't mean they are not efficient enough. It simply comes to once again show how important the automation of processes is for better directing the effort of your team to what machines can't achieve on their own: a memorable guest experience.

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