Right personnel

The people factor in the hospitality industry is of critical importance for the success or failure of a hotel. Having carefully chosen the right type of hotel PMS for the needs your property won’t be enough to get ahead of your rivals if you have neglected the role of your staff in this competition. Your personnel interacts with guests all the time hugely contributing either to the positive, or not that positive experience your product brings and how satisfied your customers are after their stay at your hotel.

Set the right expectations for each position

Every employee matters. From the ones working at the reception desk up to the top hotel management. Their selection should be one of the most important decisions to take as an owner. Each of your staff has its fair share in creating the experience guests will have during their stay. So, the first step in this process is to correctly set the requirements the candidates for every position have to meet. Naturally, it means to clearly understand the duties each employee will have, as well as to know what personal skills and qualities will be essential for that matter. Due to the nature of the hospitality industry, it goes without saying that at the top of you shortlist should be the soft skills. Otherwise, regardless of their expertise in the various hotel operations and software, lacking people skills will actually make these people unsuitable for your business.

Spread the word

The next thing is to draw up a job description for each position to be filled in. The job announcements should reach a vast pool of talented professionals. To do so, you can use various channels:

  • Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Popular job boards
  • Specialised hospitality industry job boards
  • Web forums

Probably you’ll have to pay some sort of fee to have your job ads posted online, but surely it will be worth the effort and money. Another alternative is to post them for free using your social media accounts and then ask friends to share your posts. Here the key moment is that candidates will get their first impression of you and your business from your presence online. So make sure they feel excited about the opportunity to work for you. You may also consider reaching out to fellow professionals of the hospitality industry about the job openings you have.

Meet the candidates and hire the best fits

Curricula vitae come second in importance when hiring hospitality professionals. Usually, it is much more important to find the candidates with the right attitude and set of qualities for the job position offered. Beyond the answers, you should look for natural conversationalists with a warm personality. You can also ask situational questions to measure one’s ability to cope with tricky situations and specific challenges which are very common in this industry. After sieving through the applicants with the greatest potential, probably it’s time for the greatest test of all - a work shift at your property. This trial run will be the ultimate reality check for your candidates and will let you take your final decision on the best fit for the position. The rest is simply a matter on-the-job training.

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