Marketing automation

Marketing automation is on the surge in the hospitality industry. So now is the time to get ahead of your competitors by taking advantage of hotel marketing automation and all the benefits it can bring for your property. Spread the word out about your property while also catering to the individual needs of your guests and reaching a wider scope of audience through marketing automation following these easy steps.

Start with learning more about about your guests

If you are about to make the most out of your marketing automation strategy, you will first need to define the guests staying most frequently at your hotel. To rely on effective marketing automation, you must have clearly defined segmentation based on the data you have gathered. This way you can easily target specific types of your customers, e.g. the ones who last time booked using an OTA, or spending a certain amount of money for their stay, etc. It’s all up to you. This way you can be sure that the right automated messages will reach the right groups of guests with really enticing offers for them. Here the role of your PMS platform being able to provide you with extensive and up-to-date reports is essential.

Bring all departments aboard

The success of your marketing strategy heavily depends on the quality of data. The simplest, but very critical example of this is the accuracy of the email addresses gathered. Here is why, you should encourage your staff at reception to check email addresses with incoming guests at check-in. In communication with various members of hotel staff, guests can share a lot of valuable information for marketing purposes: the reason for the stay, travelling with children, friends or alone. All this information can be put to good use through the guest segmentation to allow you to create a well-targeted email campaigns to:

  • Enhance performance during expected periods of low demand
  • Mitigate the effects of last minute cancellations
  • Boost upselling and bring additional revenue

Make a test run first

Probably you will be eager to launch your marketing automation strategy. Here it is vital to run the necessary tests using small portions of your guest data to check what’s working best. This way you’ll prevent the turning of your campaigns into unwanted spam attacks. Also, it is a nice opportunity to check which of your messages and various offers has the greatest conversion impact on your potential customers. Evaluate the results and adapt your strategy accordingly. Equipped with the results of your research, you can proceed to the creation of the content of mass emails to be then automatically generated and sent to the target groups of your choosing.

Arm yourself with patience

As with any new endeavour, it takes time before you can reap the benefits of your efforts. When the marketing automation is properly implemented, it can be your secret advantage over your rivals in this very competitive industry. With the right set of data coming from all your departments which then is transformed in tempting offers and effective email campaigns to the right people at the right time, you can surely expect boost in the number of converted customers and direct bookings. And the best part is that after all these efforts, it will be a matter of one click to achieve maximum profitability.

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